What is EBD?
Every Blessed Day is an active wear brand. EBD is intended to be a reminder and an inspiration. A reminder that every day is a precious gift, a reminder of what is really important in life, a reminder of the power within our control. An inspiration to follow our dreams, an inspiration to love ourselves and others, and an inspiration to positively impact the world around us.

Where did the idea come from?
Every Blessed Day was developed during the founder's (Kelsey Patrick) time at Pepperdine. A Christian, an athlete, and life circumstances are what provided the foundation of this organization.
For more on Kelsey's world views and EBD, check out her blog.

How did it start?
EBD was started in January 2014 by founder Kelsey Patrick. An advertising major at Pepperdine, what began as her senior project, has now turned into the EBD you see today.

Is it faith based?
As an organization, we are not affiliated with a particular religion. This is because we want to be inclusive of everyone and we feel that our mission appeals to all audiences. The Founder expresses some of her world views here.

What is your vision for EBD?
We want to help inspire the world! We want to give back. We want to partner with causes and organizations that are making an impact. We are in the process of communicating with a few organizations and causes with which we will be designing apparel for said cause and donating a portion of the proceeds. 
Do you know a cause or an event that would like to partner with us? Please reach out: everyblessedday@gmail.com

As far as we're concerned, the possibilities for EBD are endless. We aim to continually grow, develop, and spread our movement!

What is the return policy?
Within 30 days. We accept unworn, unwashed, and undamaged garments. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the consumer.
Please email everyblessedday@gmail.com with your claim and for return information.

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, we do custom orders. Yes, we would like to hear about your cause and discuss how we can get involved. Check out our CUSTOM ORDERS & COLLABORATIONS page and reach out for inquiry and quotes: everyblessedday@gmail.com

RETURN POLICY FOR CUSTOM ORDERS: We will always do our best to accommodate, but please understand, because of the nature of custom orders, we only order the exact amount of items and sizes requested.

Can I place a bulk order?
Yes. For bulk orders and inquiry, email: everyblessedday@gmail.com

How can I get free shipping?
Free shipping on orders over $100.