Every Blessed Day is a brand that inspires and encourages an active pursuit of passion, empowering perspective, and thankfulness. We give to causes creating positive change in the world around us.


  EBD is about PERSPECTIVE. The EBD perspective is not a blindfold, just as it is not accepting of negativism. The EBD perspective is choosing to look at your current situation in the most growth-oriented way. It is choosing to find the seed of benefit and opportunity among every obstacle, adversity, disappointment, heartache, and failure. Our mental disposition, of which we have complete control, determines our reality. You choose.

 EBD is about THANKFULNESS. It is about seeking the goodness in all things. It is about taking nothing for granted. It is about smiling simply because you woke up today.

  EBD is about waking up expecting each day to be an ADVENTURE. The present moment is the only thing we are guaranteed, so let’s live with vivacious spirit. It is about having a zest for living by making childlike discoveries in the quoted mundane. The greatest adventurists have no fear of the future. EBD is about having an open mind to what lies beyond the river bend. 

 EBD is about ART. As humans, we are creation; we are creators. We all have the unique ability to imagine. The manifestation of these ideas is our art.  Our physical expression of emotions, our speech, our actions, our style, our quirks, the things that we impress upon others with every interaction; this is art. The world craves creativity; let it flow.

 EBD is about PURSUING our PASSIONS with a fearless and unrelenting enthusiasm. It is about acting out of what we know in the present and allowing our stories to unfold with confidence that we have put forth all our energies into the things we are able to control. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

 EBD is about LOVE; first within, then outward. When we feel loved and accepted as ourselves, we can love and accept others. Relationships are essential to our human existence. It is about treating people with the human dignity that we are all inherently endowed. 

 EBD is about GIVING. EBD believes in a world community whereby we are all connected and part of the larger story of humanity. We’re in this life together; we must help each other. Be a joyful giver. Give help. Give energy. Give time. Give funds. Give freely and with no thought of return. 

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