What does Every Blessed Day mean to the Founder: Kelsey Patrick

To me, the answer is simple.

There is a beginning and there is an end.
What we make of the - inbetween - is up to us.

Now, the practice of life is not so simple, but I did say ‘us.’

When I decided to make a move at turning my college capstone project into a business, I truly had no idea the adventure I had chosen.  It’s hard to stay motivated all the time and yet, here I was becoming the figurehead of a brand that represents Utopia. But alas, one of my favorite things to be is a hype girl; just ask my teammates. This is my art.

I introduced EBD to the marketplace in 2014 with the Seattle Collection.

My vision is that people from all different walks of life connect with Every Blessed Day in their own personal way. I believe in one human race, whereby we are more similar than we are different.

Please hear me when I say that I have had a very awesome life, but I too, have felt pain. I too, have sat with friends and family and shared stories of injustice, suicide, heartbreak, rape, drug addiction, public shootings, child torture, infidelity, acts of racism, terminal illness, death and other evils.

I have run hope raw - I have been challenged to my core - but I still believe in this message.  

I am not perfect, but my best moments are when I choose the light over the darkness.

I have no control over time, but I do know that one day it will run out.

EBD is my reminder and I am thankful each day for the perspective that my EBD community provides.

You see, Every Blessed Day was not self-built and cannot be self-sustained.  I like to say "Quality Goods & Good Trades" because my definition of good business does not necessarily require the exchange of money.  Give what you have and take only what you need; we all need a little extra some days, where as on others, we may have extra to give. Plus it makes you say “good” twice and psychologically, I have to think that that can only be for our good.

So trade your talents with each other and the world. Share your smile - that’s the best thing you can wear... Although I will say, you look fabulous in something like this .

Bless You All! Thank you for your support,


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